Iranians Sign Up to Be "Sacrificed For Holy Qods" At Protest

Iran held massive “Death to America – Death to Israel” protests today.

Oh… And, “Death to the UK,” too!

A “Death to America-Death to Israel” protest was held today after Friday prayers in Tehran.
Fars News reported on the protest:

“Down with the US”, “Down with Israel”, “Reconciliation with Israel is scandalous and humiliation”, “Battle with Israel is the message of this nation”, “The primary Kiblah (of Muslims) should be freed through unity with Palestinian nation” and “Silence of any Muslim is a betrayal to the Koran” were among the different slogans shouted by the demonstrators who were also carrying pictures depicting the massacre of Palestinian women, kids and men in Gaza as well as placards reading, “Israel commits crimes and US supports it” and “Stop Slaughtering of the kids and women in Gaza”…

Demonstrators also confirmed the statements made by the Lebanese Hezbollah leader, Seyed Hassan Nasrallah in Beirut last Saturday, and warned leaders of Arab countries against any support for George Bush and US measures, reiterating that the US is an accomplice of the Zionist regime.

The ladies had their separate space to rally…

“Palestine is the ingredient of the body of Islam!”


The Hezbollah flag was flapping in the wind. (ISNA)

Protesters carried posters of Nasrallah the leader of the Iranian proxy state Hezbollah in Lebanon. (ISNA)

They even lined up to sign the “I’m ready to be sacrificed for the holy aims of qods” petition. (ISNA)

Qods is the battle for Israel (Palestine).

Child abuse…

The children held their own demonstration. (ISNA)

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