Iranian Regime Murders Student Activist- Buries His Body Under Slab of Cement

The Iranain Regime murdered imprisoned student activist Ebrahim Latfollahi. After his torture and death, they buried him under a slab of cement away from his family.
That way the family would not dig up his body and see evidence of torture.

A leaflet announcing a service for Ebrahim Lotfollahi, published by his family after his death.

Iranian Rooz Online interviewed the brother of Ebrahim this week after the tragic news last week of his brother’s death in prison:

Esmail Lotfollahi is the brother of Ebrahim Lotfollahi, a student from Sanandaj who died ‎mysteriously while in detention. Rooz has conducted an exclusive interview with Esmail ‎about his brother’s detention and subsequent death. Esmail insists that his brother has not ‎committed suicide: “we have not believed his death yet. The whole thing happened in ‎only 8 days.” ‎

Rooz: Mr. Lotfollahi! A few days after your brother’s arrest they informed you that ‎he has committed suicide. Tell us more.‎

Esmail Lotfollahi: On January 6, 2008, security forces arrested and transferred my ‎brother to a detention center in Sanandaj, minutes after he completed a university exam. ‎On January 15, meaning 8 days after his arrest, they contacted us from the detention ‎center and said that Ebrahim has committed suicide and has been buried in the Behesht-e ‎Mohammadi cemetery. ‎

Rooz: Did you go to the cemetery?‎

Esmail Lotfollahi: Yes, we did. They showed us Ebrahim’s grave, over which they had poured ‎concrete over. ‎

Rooz: Concrete?!‎

Esmail Lotfollahi: Yes. They have poured concrete over his grave, probably so that we would not be ‎able to take his body out for examination and see things they didn’t want us to see.‎

Rooz: Like what?‎

Esmail Lotfollahi Signs of torture or anything else that can cause a person’s death. ‎

Iranian Student Activist Killed By Regime After Arrest

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