Iranian Reality Television Debuts– "Survivor Qom– The Mullah Roadshow"

The bitter cold this winter has forced the Iranians to beg the regime for heating fuel. At one point villagers burned down a town hall to protest the shortages.
But, instead of fuel, the Iranian villagers got a travelling band of mullahs instead.

This “Mullah Survivor” program aired on Iranian television recently.
HERE are scenes from the first episode – From Qom with Love–

The television showed the mullahs march through snowy forests.

The brave mullahs were forced to wade through freezing waters.


The courageous young mullahs crossed over rivers on only a rope.

At the end of the program- a prize…
The poor frozen villagers did not get any fuel, but they did get a long winded lecture from the roadshow mullahs instead.

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