Iran Warns the Netherlands About Airing Anti-Islamic Film!

Iran Warns the Netherlands!

Head of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi warned Iran today about airing an anti-Islamic movie. (Iran Press TV)

The regime in Iran is warning the Netherlands not to show the anti-Islamic film by Dutch politician Geert Wilders.
FOX News reported:

A senior Iranian lawmaker warned the Netherlands on Monday not to allow the screening of what it called an anti-Islamic film produced by Dutch politician, claiming it “reflects insulting views about the Holy Koran.”

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, head of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, promised widespread protests and a review of Iran’s relationship with the Netherlands if Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders’ work is shown.

“If Holland will allow the broadcast of this movie, the Iranian parliament will request to reconsider our relationship with it,” Boroujerdi said, according to IRNA, the official Iranian news agency. “In Iran, insulting Islam is a very sensitive matter and if the movie is broadcasted it will arouse a wave of popular hate that will be directed towards any government that insults Islam.

Wilders calls his 10-minute film “a call to shake off the creeping tyranny of Islamicization, ” and said it could air as early as this week on Dutch television.

“People who watch the movie will see that the Koran is very much alive today, leading to the destruction of everything we in the Western world stand for, which is respect and tolerance,” Wilders, the 41-year-old leader of the right-wing Party for Freedom, said last month in a telephone interview with

Iran just released its own distorted version of the story of Jesus Christ this month at movie theatres.
There was no rioting.

A protester holds a picture of far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders on a mock cigarette packet during a demonstration on Saturday in Amsterdam. (Spiegel)

Iranian Republic News Agency reports that the Dutch fear worldwide riots with the release of the film.

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