Iran Discovers New Treatment For Alcoholism… Hanging

Iran implements its 2 Step Program for alcoholism.

The young man was already sentenced to a flogging for his drinking–
Now he must hang. (ISNA)

A 22 year-olod man in Iran will hang after being arrested for the 4th time in possession of alcohol.
AKI reported;

A young Iranian man is facing execution after a court judged him a ‘hardened and incorrigible drinker,” Iranian daily Etemad Melli reported. A section of Tehran’s criminal court is currently deciding whether the 22-year-old man, known as Mohsen, should be executed.

Mohsen was arrested after allegedly being caught for the fourth time in possession of alcohol and in a state of drunkenness. He has already been sentenced to a flogging.

Article 179 of Iran’s penal code punishes with the death sentence anyone caught drinking alcohol more than three times.

“Under Iran’s new computerised systems, re-offenders have no chance of escape,” prosecutor Jalil Jalili was quoted as saying. He has requested the death penalty for Mohsen.

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