Holy Mahmoud Shares His Wisdom With American Muslim Group

Holy Mahmoud shared some time with a group of American Muslims who met with him at the Hajj.

Ahmadinejad reminded an American delegation of Muslims at the Hajj that there has been no anti-Semitism during the history of Islam.
Watching America and Bazteb News reported:

He then criticized the biased support of the U.S. and some European governments for the Zionist regime and said during the history of Islam, there has been no anti-Semitism, whereas in Europe anti-Jewish movements have existed and with establishing the Zionist regime, the U.S. and European governments have been seeking two goals: forcing the Jews to leave their countries, and dominating the Islamic world.

The delegation, representing the American Muslim Society, for its part, briefed the Iranian president on the condition of Muslims in the U.S.

They also emphasized the role of the Islamic world in creating peace, security, and justice all over the world.

Ahmadinejad, the first Iranian president to perform Haj as the guest of a Saudi king, arrived in the Saudi Arabia on Monday.

It’s not clear whether Mahmoud enjoyed this peaceful exchange before his “Death to America-Death to Israel” Hajj protest or after his “Death to America-Death to Israel” Hajj protest.

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