Holy Chavistas! Venezuela Violent Deaths Double Iraq's Numbers

Numbers from icasualties.org

Thanks to Gringo for pointing this out…

Venezuelan Politics blog reported that an average 33 Venezuelans were murdered each day last year, which comes to 1000 murders per month.

Iraq’s and Venezuela’s populations are roughly comparable: 27.5 million versus 27.7 million. In the last three months, there have been 1498 civilian fatalities in Iraq. During this same time, roughly 3000 Venezuelans have been murdered.

For the last three months of 2007, a Venezuelan was twice as likely to lose his life to violence as an Iraqi. It looks like its time for Hugo to put more attention on his abysmal security situation and less attention on Hollywood.

There’s more good news, for Iraq anyway, HERE.

Kate passed this on…

Two days in the new year, and already there have been 63 violent deaths in Venezuela.

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