HILLARY BOOED In New Hampshire! Update: With Video!!!!

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The Hillary supporter who posted the video on YouTube lashed out at Obama:

Obama packed the $100/plate Democratic Party bi-annual fund raiser with high school kids who disrespectfully boo Hillary Clinton and scream Obama during this short clip from the speech.

This dinner is all supporters of one candidate or another. No undecideds here. Every 4 years we listen and cheer all the candidates, sit with friends who support other candidates and have a good respectful time. What did Obama do? Packed the hall with kids who have no understanding of respect. His campaign cannot sink much lower.

You’ve got to love the irony of a Clinton supporter lecturing on respect.

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Democrats smell blood.
This is like watching a pack of wild hyenas turn on their matriarch after she gets a bum leg.

There was a feeding frenzy at the New Hampshire Democratic Party Dinner on Friday.
And, the main course was Hillary.

Not even Bill’s presence could stop the democrats from booing Hillary.

Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and their daughter Chelsea, left, acknowledge the cheers of supporters after Sen. Clinton addressed the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s 49th annual 100 Club dinner in Milford, NH., Friday night, Jan. 4, 2008. New Hampshire’s first in the nation presidential primary is Tuesday Jan. 8, 2008. (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)

TIME-Blog reported:

If the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s 100 Club dinner is any bell weather – Barack Obama will handily win here. When Obama, the dinner’s last speaker, took the stage the crowd surged forward chanting “O-bam-a” and “Fired Up, Ready to Go!” So many people pressed toward the stage that an announcer asked people to “please take their seats for safety concerns.”

By comparison Hillary was twice booed. The first time was when she said she has always and will continue to work for “change for you. The audience, particularly from Obama supporters (they were waving Obama signs) let out a noise that sounded like a thousand people collectively groaning. The second time came a few minutes later when Clinton said: “The there are two big questions for voters in New Hampshire. One is: who will be ready to lead from day one? The second,” and here Clinton was forced to pause as boos from the crowd mixed with cheers from her own supporters. “Is who can we nominate who will go the distance against the Republicans?”

Boy, it’s sure been a rough go for Hillary these last two days.
2008Central.net liveblogged Hillary’s speech at dinner tonight:

8:19: Hillary Clinton is introduced to audio problems with her music. I’m not sure what the introduction music is, but perhaps it is appropriate that there was a glitch in the beginning. She gets a lot of whistles; there’s no cheering, just whistling. Again, not to go all John McClane, but this is not helping my headache. Asks a series of questions if NH is “ready” for a president… which is her new slogan. Says we know the country can do better and be part of the change. Says America needs a POTUS who is a champion;

She uses her ’some people want to fight for change, others hope’ line… and gets a significant amount of boos, as she segues into experience. She’s really doubling down on experience. Now she moves on to criticizing Bush, and criticizes Bush for being divisive, and creating a sense of fatalism, and that America has to try. Now she’s adapting a lot of Obama’s themes, but just glossing over them, as she talks about saving the middle class, specifically through health care. Says her plan is politically viable and will cover everyone by bringing business and labor together. Says that “those” who offer “virtual health care” leave people out. This is BLATANTLY misleading, as she says really sick people cannot be left out, giving multiple examples; Obama’s plan leaves uncovered healthy young adults who would simply willingly not enter the plan. No one who is sick or unhealthy would not apply. Krugman for one is attacking this problem from Clinton’s side honestly; Clinton’s stump speech does not. Moreover, people are realizing that.

She moves on to energy, and gives a laundry list of things that can be done. She then moves on to Iraq. She talks at length on Iraq, emphasizing how difficult and dangerous the situation is, and that every American, including civilians, need to come home, and that Iraqis who put their lives on the line for Americans need to be helped as well. She moves on to health care for troops. Concludes by saying that there cannot be reliance on false hopes, that there must be a president who is ready on Day 1. (She asks this as a rhetorical question, and an Obama chant breaks out! She quickly tries to recover and speak over it.) She says that she has taken plenty of fire from Republicans and is still standing, which gets her crowd back into it. Talks about finding common ground with Republicans when possible, and that she has stood her ground when she had to. Says she is running for President to give back. Does anyone believe that?

Poor Hillary.

Washington Wire has more on Hillary’s humiliating night.

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