Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday 2008

Thanks to Ronald Reagan- The Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday was signed into law.

President Ronald Reagan signs legislation creating the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday as Coretta Scott King, the civil-right’s leader’s widow, watches, Nov. 2, 1983. Reagan Presidential Library. (The Swamp)

UPDATE: Grand Old Partisan posted a reminder that Martin Luther King Jr.’s struggle was against Democrats:

In 1901, the Alabama Democratic Party called for a convention to write a new state constitution that would prohibit African-Americans from voting. Despite vocal opposition from Booker T. Washington and other Republican civil rights activists, the Democrat scam succeeded.

Democrats dominated Alabama’s 1901 constitutional convention, and its chairman was a Democrat. In his opening address, he said:

“If we would have white supremacy, we must establish it by law — not by force or fraud… The negro is descended from a race lowest in intelligence and moral precepts of all the races of men.”

Alabama’s African-American citizens would not vote in appreciable numbers again until the 1950s. It was a Republican federal judge, Frank Johnson, who in 1956 ruled in favor of Rosa Parks and who in 1965 ordered the Democrat governor, George Wallace, to permit Martin Luther King’s voting rights march from Selma to Montgomery.

More at Grand Old Partisan.

And… Israel Matzav has a forgotten letter from Martin Luther King Jr. to an anti-Zionist friend.

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