Halleluiah!… Waffles Plugs Obama!

Waffles threw his support to freshman far Left Senator Barak Obama today snubbing both the Clinton’s and former running mate John Edwards.
Well done, Senator Kerry.

Here John Kerry and phony soldier Al Hubbard bash the troops during Vietnam. John Kerry’s mentor, Al Hubbard, lied about being an officer, Vietnam Veteran, and sustaining war injuries. (Free Republic)

Glen Johnson at the AP was, to put it lightly, a bit generous to the antiwar Vietnam peacenik and current troop basher who they say is a “strong voice on national security issues.” A strong voice indeed, if you think supporting defeat is a powerful national security stand.
Here’s the “strong national security leader” giving a pep talk to the troops in Iraq:

What a strong stand!
The AP carried the water today for Genghis John:

Kerry and Edwards had their differences during the 2004 campaign over strategy and spending, and Edwards has said he would have been more aggressive in challenging the unsubstantiated allegations of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth questioning Kerry’s military record.

Kerry’s endorsement also was a jab at Clinton, the New York Democrat who won the New Hampshire primary after a loss to Obama in the Iowa caucuses.

Kerry had withheld his endorsement, hoping to have an impact on the race and avoid the fate of fellow Democrat Al Gore, the 2000 nominee who endorsed Howard Dean in 2004 shortly before the former Vermont governor’s campaign imploded. Gore has made no endorsement so far this year.

While Kerry has been close to Clinton’s husband, the former president, he was incensed in 2006 when she chided him after Kerry suggested that people who don’t go to school “get stuck in Iraq.” Aides said Kerry meant to jab at Bush and say “get us stuck in Iraq,” and that he didn’t appreciate Clinton piling onto the criticism he was already getting for the remark.

So, the Swiftboat’s allegations were unsubstantiated? Says who?
And, since when did Kerry’s obvious slam against the troops become just a “suggestion?”


UPDATE: Another antiwar Democrat, Rep. George Miller, endorses Obama.

And, Clinton supporter Andrew Cuomo unleashes a “shuck and jive” attack on Obama.
Dan Riehl is right— It’s a good thing he’s not a Republican or his career would be over!

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