FREEDOM AGENDA: Bush Meets With Kuwaiti Women Politicians— Something Unheard of 7 Years Ago

Love him or hate him President George W. Bush has helped spread more freedom in this world than any leader since Ronald Reagan.

Today, President Bush met with three Kuwaiti women to discuss democracy and development in Kuwait. 7 years ago Kuwaiti women were not even allowed to vote. Today, President Bush met with women who were now able to run for seats in the Kuwaiti Parliament.

Sadly, the corrupt American media chose not to run this story. It was only posted at the White House website.

U.S. President George W. Bush (C) sits next to Dr. Masouma Al-Mubarak (R) as he holds a roundtable discussion on Democracy and Development With Women at the U.S. Embassy Kuwait in Kuwait City, January 12, 2008. (REUTERS/Larry Downing)


Women’s rights activists will surely cheer this news…
President George W. Bush met with three Kuwaiti women
The White House reported:

I want to thank these ladies from Kuwait for joining me and the Chargé. I’m really looking forward to the conversation. Laura had met with some before and came back very impressed by the spirit and desire of Kuwaiti women to be full participants in Kuwaiti society.

First, I’d like to thank His Highness for his hospitality. Secondly, last night in a conversation with His Highness I said, any regrets about having women vote in elections and run for elections? He said, absolutely not. He said, our society is enriched by the participation of our women. And he’s right. All societies are enriched by the participation of women. I happen to believe very strongly in the freedom agenda and I think an integral part of that agenda is making sure that all participants in society have got an equal voice.

And one of the interesting — I think when people look back at the history of the Middle East and history of the world it’s going to be women who helped lead the freedom agenda. And it’s happening right here in Kuwait. We’ve had people here at the table who ran for Kuwaiti parliament. Jenan ran, she said — I told her the first race I ever ran, I lost — (laughter) — and she said, well, the first ran I ever ran I lost too. But she intends to win next time around.

And so I appreciate you all coming. I’m honored to be with you. We want to help — part of our democracy agenda, of course, is the empowerment of women.

So thank you for taking time. Doctor, would you like to have a few comments?

DR. AL-MUBARAK: First of all we’d like to welcome you, Mr. President, as you probably watched our media this morning, the media said that we are saying it from the deep of our hearts: Welcome, Mr. President.

MORE… There is a remarkable article today in the Toronto Sun by Salim Mansur on the legacy of President George W. Bush— I hope you take time to read it. I saw it at Lucianne and it is very good. Here are the closing lines:

“Free Iraq looms large in the capitals of the Arab states, and if Iraqis keep progressing in freedom their example will be an irresistible attraction for the Arab-Muslim world spread between the Atlantic and the Persian Gulf.

A democratic Iraq is George Bush’s formidable legacy, and the Arabs will be talking about him long after his contemporary critics bite the dust and are forgotten.”

And, more good news… Gulf News reported that the Saudi government has released democracy activist Mohammad Al Bijadi just days before Bush comes for a visit to the Kingdom.

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