Forget What He Said 2 Weeks Ago… Rudy Backs McCain

Rudy walks the plank…
HotAir has Rudy’s endorsement of Senator John McCain for president earlier today.
Here’s the transcript from FOX News of Rudy’s walk of shame:

“He came from way behind to go way ahead, and once again displayed his tenacity, his courage, his ability to focus, his ability to get things done. I can’t imagine a campaign that better demonstrates who the person to be president of the United States should be… If I endorsed anyone else, you would say I was flip-flopping.

Or maybe not…
Here is Rudy Giuliani in a FOX News interview on January 13, 2008:

Here’s the transcript from January 13, 2008:

MIKE WALLACE: But it does come down, and any election does, to a choice. John McCain has been a leading voice on the frontlines of the debate over national security for more than a decade now, not just on Iraq. But on the whole issue of torture, the whole issue of military spending. If the question is who is the strongest Republican candidate on national security, you’ve talked about your credentials; why not vote for John McCain?

RUDY GIULIANI: I think, and with all due respect, there’s a ifference between being, you know, one of 100, being a voice, and then actually being the decision maker that day in and day out is actually on the line for making those decisions. So, you can see the consequences of those decisions. And that may be why Americans more often turn to people with executive experience. You know, people who have been governors. In my case, mayor of the city that’s as large or larger than most states.

There’s a debate tonight at the Reagan Library.
Rudy, what happened?


Bob McCarty says Rudy missed the mark.

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