FARC Releases 2 Hostages– Then Kidnaps 6 More

FARC terrorists released two hostages this weekend then hours later kidnapped 6 more tourists on the Pacific coast.

The latest kidnappings occurred as Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez called for the removal of FARC from the list of international terrorist groups.
The US rejected that idea.

Colombian politician Clara Rojas is kissed by Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez (R) at Miraflores Palace in Caracas January 10, 2008 after she was set free by FARC rebels. Rojas, a former vice-presidential candidate, and ex-congresswoman Consuelo Gonzalez were freed by Colombia’s Marxist rebels in a Venezuela-brokered deal on Thursday, after years in the jungle, raising hopes for dozen more hostages languishing in secret camps. (REUTERS/Miraflores)

FARC kidnapped 6 hostages after robbing 19 tourists this weekend.
The BBC reported:


The authorities in Colombia say left-wing Farc rebels have kidnapped six tourists on a beach in the province of Choco, on Colombia’s Pacific coast. One of the tourists is reportedly a Norwegian national and the other five are Colombians.

A navy spokesman said the military was pursuing a group of rebels who robbed 19 tourists before taking six hostage.

The kidnappings come days after the Farc released two high-profile hostages who had been held for over five years.

The group of 19 tourists had arrived by boat at an area called Morromico when they were intercepted by a guerrilla patrol.

All were robbed by the rebels but only six taken hostage.

“A group of armed men, who identified themselves as members of the Farc, fled kidnapping six of the tourists after stealing fuel from the boat, cash and cell phones from the passengers,” the navy said in a statement.

FARC kidnapped 6 more hostages this weekend in northern Colombia including one Norwegian tourist. (AP)

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