Disgruntled Egyptians Fire On Gazans …Update: Gazans Fire Back

The destrution of the apartheid wall between Gaza and Egypt ushers in a new era of Gaza-Egyptian relations.

A Palestinian youth holds a sign which reads “Egyptians and Palestinians are one people, not two” during a demonstration near damaged concrete border walls between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, January 29, 2008. (REUTERS/Nasser Nuri)

Armed Egyptians fired on Gazans angry over the food shortages and inflation since the Gaza Wall was blown up last week.
YNET News reported:

Armed Egyptian Bedouins opened fire in the air to warn away Palestinians, highlighting growing anger over food shortages and price rises triggered by the breaching of the border wall with Gaza, witnesses said.

The confrontation in the town of al-Joura occurred as residents on the Egyptian side of the border said shops had run out of goods since hundreds of thousands of Palestinians poured into Egypt when Hamas blew up the wall last week.

“The stores are empty and what is available is so expensive,” said Youssef Ali, a Bedouin in the divided border town of Rafah. “The Bedouins are poor. The income of many Bedouins is not more than $30 a month.”

IMRA is reporting that Gazans paid Egyptians with play Israeli money.

UPDATE: What goes around comes around…

Egyptian Riot Control soldiers hiding behind their shields as rock are getting thrown at them and Hamas gunmen shoot bullets in the air using machine guns. (Sand Monkey)

Sandmonkey has more on the poor Gazans flooding Egypt.
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The Jerusalem Post reported, “20 Palestinians caught with explosives in Sinai in possession of explosives and electronic devices which would have enabled them to listen in to the Egyptian forces’ communications networks.”

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