Code Pink Gang-Rushed in Little Havana! — Pink Fringe Ripped From Truck! …Forced to Flee!

Don’t you just LOVE the Cuban-American community?
Sadly, the Code Pink activists did not realize there were 300 angry Cuban-Americans waiting on them in Little Havana.

Cuban Americans stand waiting for Codepink, a peace organization, who holds a protest against anti-communist Cuban activist Luis Posada Carriles in Miami’s Little Havana January 12, 2008. Codepink, Women for Peace, launched a campaign asking the FBI to add the name of Posada Carriles to its most wanted criminals and terrorists list in U.S. (Reuters)

Today’s freedom fighting hero…

A Cuban American tears off a piece of cloth from a truck of the Codepink peace organization as it passes through a street during a protest against anti-communist Cuban activist Luis Posada Carriles in Miami’s Little Havana, January 12, 2008. (Reuters)

Code Pink socialists were forced to flee from their planned protest after 200 anti-Castro counter protesters gangrushed their truck in Little Havana!
The Sun-Sentinel reported:

Female peace activists in pink dresses and tiaras demanded the arrest of anti-communist militant Luis Posada Carriles Saturday, but aborted plans for a demonstration in Little Havana after his supporters rushed their vehicle.

The activists, from the Codepink anti-war group, had planned to speak to reporters outside the landmark Versailles restaurant to publicize their campaign against Posada Carriles — a former CIA operative wanted in Venezuela in connection with the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner.

However the five women, who were accompanied by at least one man, were met by some 200 irate Cuban-Americans who consider Posada Carriles a champion of freedom. Several charged at the activists’ truck as they arrived, tearing at its pink fringe, while others jeered and shouted insults. The truck then drove on.

The Code Pink ladies have another protest scheduled for Sunday.

Adding– In Cuba the mob would have beaten them to a pulp.

American Thinker has more on Medea.

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