Chavista Money Man Busted After Plane Flees Bolivian Stoning

Hundreds of anti-Chavez protesters stoned a Venezuelan plane in Bolivia on December 6, 2007, forcing it to flee to an unknown location. The Bolivians suspected that the plane was carrying a load of weapons supplied by Chavez to his close ally and fellow Marxist Evo Morales of Bolivia.
They didn’t realize at the time that the plane left something back at the airport.

Residents of northern Bolivia surround a Venezuelan Air Force C-130 Hercules moments after it landed here, responding to a call from the state governor to not allow Venezuelan planes to land at their region’s airports, in Riberalta, Beni state December 6, 2007. (Reuters)

It looks like that Venezuelan plane left something important back in Riberalta.
$872,000 from Chavez with Love has video of detained Chavista agent Luís Michel Klein Ferrer in Bolivia.

Luís Michel Klein Ferrer was carrying $827,000 when he was caught fleeing from the airport in Riberalta, Beni State. (Diario Hispano)


Another Chavista official was busted in Bolivia carrying $827,000 in a suitcase. He was stranded after the plane he was wanting to board was forced to flee from local rioters. reported:

Another scandal has erupted over Venezuelans allegedly carrying large amounts of money around Latin America — this time a man identified as an armed forces intelligence captain found with some $800,000 in Bolivia.

A Bolivian police commander said the man was carrying a contract worth $870,000, not cash. But opposition Sen. Walter Guiteras and a community activist said he had $827,000 in cash.

Luís Michel Klein Ferrer was found Dec. 6 in the Bolivian provincial town of Riberalta after a Venezuelan air force C-130 cargo plane took off without him when residents opposed to Venezuela’s influence in Bolivia began throwing rocks at the aircraft.

Klein’s case does not appear related to the case of Guido Antonini Wilson, caught with nearly $800,000 in undeclared cash when he landed at an Argentine airport in August. Four men are under arrest in Miami, accused of acting as Venezuelan government agents in pressing Antonini to cover up that the money was for Argentina’s presidential campaign.

Venezuela’s leftist President Hugo Chávez is a strong supporter of his Bolivian counterpart, Evo Morales, and his embassy representatives regularly deliver checks to municipal government officials around Bolivia.

Klein’s case apparently began when the C-130 carrying him landed in Riberalta for a reported refueling stop. Rumors spread that the plane was carrying weapons for Morales supporters. Area residents — most of whom oppose the president — began stoning the aircraft.

The aircraft took off in a hurry, according to witnesses and Bolivian newspaper accounts, and left behind Klein, who was wearing a military uniform and had a military style haircut.

Riberalta community activist Mario Aguilera said Klein then boarded a van headed for Guayadamerín, a town on the border with Brazil. But he was intercepted by protesters who noticed his uniform and followed him from the airport.

Anti-Chavez Protesters Stone Venezuelan Plane in Bolivia (Photos)

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