Chavez Chomps On Coca Leaves at Summit Meeting! (Video)

Hugo Takes a Coca Break at the ALBA Summit.

Insane Hugo Chavez chews coca leaves at the ALBA Summit!

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accepted a handful of coca leaves from his Bolivian ally Evo Morales and chewed them during a summit meeting, saying “coca isn’t cocaine.”

“You know the strength that coca gives,” Chavez said. “I’ve really grown used to it every day in the morning.” … Chavez called that “a serious thing,” but smiled as he thanked Morales for recently sending coca to him and Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Chavez asked for more.

Hugo’s buddy Evo Morales takes a hand full of coca leaves and chews them up at the ALBA Summit in Caracas, Venezuela!

HERE’S the video of Hugo chomping on his coca leaves.

Former coca leaf farmer and current Marxist President of Bolivia Evo Morales brought his mentor Hugo a bag of coca leaves to chew on at the ALBA Summit.


The audience in Venezuela started applauding when Hugo chomped on the coca leaves.

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