Brrrr… Jerusalem Grinds to a Halt As Rare Snowstorm Blasts City

The city of Jerusalem was shutdown today due to a winter storm.
The Jerusalem mayor was out. He judged a snowman contest.

Girls throw snowballs in front of the Dome of the Rock Mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem January 30, 2008. Jerusalem and its holy sites were covered in a blanket of snow on Wednesday. Up to 10 centimetres (4 inches) of snow fell in parts of Jerusalem, closing schools and many shops. (REUTERS/Mahfouz Abu Turk)

A rare winter snowstorm has shutdown Jerusalem today closing down the schools, universities and courthouses.
The BBC reported:

Jerusalem’s iconic Dome of the Rock – normally a resplendent gold – was turned half white on Wednesday morning.

Snowfalls blanketed streets and buildings with an inch-thick of powder.

The city’s mayor is expected to judge a snowman competition on Wednesday afternoon.

“Of course it’s cold and wet,” said Evyator Rubin, 13, making a snowball. “But because it snows so little here it’s great when it does happen.”

All Jerusalem’s schools, universities and courthouses were closed for the day. The public transport system is working on a scaled-back timetable.

While snow in Jerusalem is unusual, other parts of the country regularly see snowfall. In the occupied Golan Heights in the north of the country there is a ski-resort.

By midday, the snow was still falling in Jerusalem. But some of the city’s streets were turned into streams as the snow began to melt.

A cold weather snap has hit Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, causing several fatalities.

Israeli girls walk in the snow outside Jerusalem’s Old City Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2008. A heavy overnight snowstorm blanketed Jerusalem and other parts of the Holy Land in white on Wednesday, closing schools and stores, and grounding transportation.
(AP Photo/Dan Balilty)


Carl in Jerusalem is suffering through the wintry blast.

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