Barack Obama: "Hillary Clinton Is Fear-Mongering" (Video)

Barack Obama closed out the Democratic Las Vegas Debate tonight on MSNBC by calling Hillary Clinton out on the carpet for her obvious “fear-mongering!”
Nice chop block, Barack.

Nothing is as insulting to a Democrat as being called a “fear-mongerer.”
You might as well have thrown a drink at her face.
No wonder she glares at you!

That line surely scored high marks with the nutroot’s crowd!
Here’s the video:

Here’s Barack smacking Clinton on her politics of fear:


“Well, I think there’s no doubt that we’ve been dominated by the politics of fear since 9-11… The tragedy of New York was a trauma to the country that is going to take a long time for us to work out. Hillary Clinton did good work in terms of helping the city recover(?) But, I have to say that when Senator Clinton uses the specter of a terrorist attack with a new prime minister during a campaign, I think that is part and parcel with what we’ve seen the use of the fear of terrorism in scoring political points.

That’s right.
Tell it like it is Barack…
Fear-mongering is fear-mongering, plain and simple.

More… Juandos points out that Keith Olbermann was fascinated with Hillary’s fear-mongering during the post-debate show.

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