Austrian Politician Seeks Police Protection After Islamist Threats

Austrian Politician Susunne Winter made these comments on Islam and Mohammad during a speech recently.:

The remarks set off a fire storm of protests.
The Organization of Islamic States sent a protest note to Austrian President Heinz Fischer over her insulting remarks. Winters is being threatened with jail for “inciting hatred.” She is also receiving death threats for her remarks.

Austrian politician Susanne Winter is now retaining police protection after receiving threats for her remarks on Islam and Mohammad on YouTube.
Pipeline News reported:

Susanne Winter [see Austrian Politician Faces Jail For Remarks About Islam] the FPO party candidate who is running for the Graz city council in Austria, has been forced to retain the services of bodyguards after a threatening video was placed on You Tube. The video includes threats and the sounds of machine gun fire as pictures of the burning World Trade Center are shown. Accompanying the video is a written text:

“Look at this Suzanne, due to your comments something similar can occur in your country – you will be responsible for it.”

The message was not only directed at Winter but also:

“on all the unbelievers who have no respect for Allah and Islam. Inshallah the day will come when you will be punished.”

The origin of the video is unknown. At the end it only says “Made by Bilal and Jasko”.

In related news… Bruce Bawer at Pajamas Media writes that Islamization is pointing toward a chilling future for all free people in Europe.


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