ABC New Hampshire Debates— Saturday Night Live

The ABC New Hampshire Debate is on right now until 9:00 PM CST.

The Republicans are starting off the debate and democrats are to follow.

It is a round table format where the candidates are discussing the topics and the moderator is not controlling the debate but mostly keeping out of the way and letting the candidates do the talking. It is working well.

Governor Romney just absolutely hammered Senator McCain on amnesty.
Mike Huckabee said, “The government did not escort the immigrants over the border and they do not have to bring them back(?)”
Senator McCain said he still had fundamentally the same plan for immmigration (Video HERE).

Michelle Malkin is liveblogging the debate.

Senator McCain’s remark to Governor Romney, “You are the candidate of change.” …did not play well. It came across as a petty attack. Senator McCain was the only one laughing.

Mike Huckabee said he supported the surge but HotAir has video from January 2007 where Governor Huckabee says he does not support the surge.

Rudy talked about Barak Obama and Change:

That about said it all.
Great answer.

Democrats are up next.
Meanwhile the ABC commentators are talking about the non-recession the country is suffering from.

Obama and Edwards right away show how pathetic Democrats are on foreign policy.
Edwards wants to rid the world (US) of nukes.
Richardson wants to ask the President of Pakistan to step aside— What pride!
Hello— He was just elected as president!
And, who would that leave in his place?

Lordy– Hillary said the Clinton missile attacks were a great success.
She looks whipped.

Obama- We were distracted by a war of choice in Iraq.
Massive anti-American sentiment (in the Democratic Party?) make things difficult for us today.

What about a nuke attack in America?
Edwards — We need to be calm.
Terrific… Maybe comb our hair?

Hillary and Obama are fighting now over which of their socialized medical plans is better.

Ooooh! Hillary is taking on Bambi!
Does anyone have the odds that Hillary is going to snap??

Oh No! The democrats are going to have to admit that the surge is working!!!

Good for ABC for correcting the Clinton and Richardson for misrepresenting the progress on the ground in Iraq.

Obama says it wasn’t the troop surge– it was the Democrats winning in 2006 that caused the Anbar Awakening!
Obama must still be stuck on that “civil war” theme.

John Edwards hates corporate America. They are the enemy. There is no doubt about it.

Carbon Tax?
Obama- Everyone will have to change lightbulbs and insulate their homes.
Hillary- We are moving into a recession. We have to use energy to jumpstart the economy. Huh?
Low income heating emergency program to help- more socialism, no doubt.
Hillary wants to tax the rich, of course.
Edwards- Biggest corporations are making record profits.

Obama wants to end the politics of fear.

Atlas is covering the action.

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