A Cry From Lebanon… It's Time to Investigate Syrian Torture Prisons

The World Council of the Cedars Revolution Human Rights Office recently sent a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. The organization is concerned about the release of 4 generals connected to the assassination of of late Prime Minister Rafic Hariri. Hezbollah is waging a campaign for their release:

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Here is part of that letter to Ban Ki Moon:


Many NGOs, who are very close to terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and serving their interests, have lately lobbied for the release of the four generals arrested in the investigation of late Prime Minister Rafic Hariri. Such NGOs have used platforms like the European Human Rights Network whom they have duped for many years making the network believe that they are dedicated to Human Rights. These NGOs have lately succeeded in influencing the United Nations to consider the detention of these four generals as being arbitrary. However, these NGOs have succeeded to make the UN forget that these individuals were instrumental in facilitating the arrest and transportation to Syria of thousands of Lebanese. A big number of these Lebanese are still in Syria while only a few found their way back to their families, shattered by the many years of detention and torture.

I can assure you that the families of the victims detained in Syrian dungeons would not even accept to meet these imposters who used them for so many years as a stepping stone to recognition by the international NGOs while benefiting from the funding and support of questionable sources.

Sir, I urge you to think about the victims being tortured on a daily basis in Syrian jails. I urge you to form a UN special committee that will be in charge of investigating Syrian prisons. The very first task of such a committee should be the thorough questioning of these four generals before any consideration of advice to the Lebanese Judiciary to release them. These Generals can be the key to many family reunions put on hold for ten, twenty or even thirty years.

Thanks to Banafsheh Zand Bonazzi for this piece of news.

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