10 Years Young– The Clinton "Saddam Has Nukes" Speech (Video)

For Your Weekend Viewing Pleasure…
10 Years Ago today Bill Clinton made this powerful speech to Congress and the American people:

Together, we must confront the new hazards of chemical and biological weapons and the outlaw states, terrorists, and organized criminals seeking to acquire them. Saddam Hussein has spent the better part of this decade and much of his nation’s wealth not on providing for the Iraqi people but on developing nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and the missiles to deliver them. The United Nations weapons inspectors have done a truly remarkable job finding and destroying more of Iraq’s arsenal than was destroyed during the entire Gulf war. Now Saddam Hussein wants to stop them from completing their mission.

I know I speak for everyone in this chamber, Republicans and Democrats, when I say to Saddam Hussein, “You cannot defy the will of the world,” and when I say to him, “You have used weapons of mass destruction before. We are determined to deny you the capacity to use them again.”

President Bill Clinton
January 27, 1998
(Forwarded to me by pitythefool)

For some odd reason the lines from this speech did not make it into the George Soros report released this week by the Center for Public Integrity on the “false statements” that preceeded the War in Iraq.
Funny how that works.


No less than three times Bill Clinton referred to Iraq’s nuclear arms or nuclear program.
In 2004 Bill Clinton said, “”That’s why I supported the Iraq thing. There was a lot of stuff unaccounted for.”

Bill Clinton said in November, 2007 that he “opposed the Iraq war from the beginning.”

UPDATE: The Anchoress has more on Billy Jeff and sends this document on Iraq: Intelligence, Facts, and Fantasies.
And, BG posted some great comments below.
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UPDATE 2: The Anchoress sends the text from “President Clinton’s Statement on Iraq.”

UPDATE 3: Must read– Doug Ross lists the Clinton stats.

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