Waterboarding Saves!… And Saves On Time

Waterboarding Saves…
Crack a thug in as little as 35 seconds!

Waterboarding Saves!
Think of all of that productive time you could have wasted trying to get answers.

The AP reported:

According to the former agent, waterboarding of Abu Zubaydah got him to talk in less than 35 seconds. The technique, which critics say is torture, probably disrupted “dozens” of planned al-Qaida attacks, said John Kiriakou, a leader of the team that captured Zubaydah, a major al-Qaida figure.

35 seconds? That sounds good enough .
Think of all the thugs you could crack in an hour?


More on the torture front… CIA lawyers approved of the destruction of secret interrogation videotapes back in 2005 not 2006 like Teddy Kennedy claimed.

The Strata-Sphere has more on the dems bursting bubble.

UPDATE: Mike Moseley at Townhall has more on the waterboarding and democrats.

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