US Tracks Lowest Monthly Fatalities Since War Began (Updated)

You’d have to go back to February 2004 to find a month with comparable numbers.

Numbers from
With 24 hours remaining…
The US military is on track to see the lowest number of monthly fatalities in Iraq since the war began in March, 2003.

In February 2004 the US lost 20 soldiers in the 29 day period.
This month the US has lost 21 soldiers in the 31 day period.

The Bush Surge continues to show amazing results.


This follows the news yesterday that 75% of the Al-Qaeda network has been eliminated in Iraq.

MORE… General David Petraeus announced on Saturday that violent attacks in Iraq had fallen by 60 percent since June.

UPDATE: Predictably, the mainstream media had to choose their headlines today and decided to go negative even though their headline has nothing to do with the current reality on the ground in Iraq:

The AP reported today that- “2007 becomes deadliest yet for U.S. in Iraq”
But, they support the country and the troops.
(The AP ran this same headline back in November.)

Also… The last 3 months in Iraq have seen the lowest number of US fatalities compared to any other 3 month stretch since the war began.

The Tank has more on the spin.

UPDATE: Democracy Project has more good news for the Iraqi New Year.

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