Unearthed Terror Recipe: 1-Teach Them Islam 2- Buy Pistols

A Recipe For Terror…
This unearthed document won’t play out well for those who say there is “No Connection” between Islam and terrorism:

Click to Enlarge (LA TIMES)
This is what that captured terrorist document says:

3.) Recruit special operations members, preferably felony free. Spend much time with them, train them in Islam, our protocol and covert operations
4.) Acquire 2 weapons (pistols) with silencers
5.) Appoint a member (from the 5) to find contacts for explosives or to learn bombmaking. We need bombs that can be activated from a distance.

Two defendents entered guilty pleas in the JIS California terrorism case this week. Kevin James, 31, and Levar Haley Washington, 28, both pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy charges. They were both Muslim converts who found their religion in prison.
The LA Times reported:

It was not the most spectacular domestic terrorism plot since the Sept. 11 attacks, and certainly not the best-known.

But no other case posed such a real and immediate threat as the audacious scheme to attack more than a dozen military centers, synagogues and other sites in Southern California, experts said Thursday.

If you look at the roster of defendants in terrorism cases, it often seems like a casting call. They all have aspirations, but most lack real talent and helpful connections,” said Brian Levin, an attorney and director of Cal State San Bernardino’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism.

“But here you actually had a case where defendants had a radicalized ideology, a list of targets and they had already gone from planning to operations,” Levin said. “This was beyond merely a threat. In this instance, they were operational.”

The guilty pleas announced Friday in what is known as the JIS case represented an important win for the Justice Department, after a string of high-profile courtroom defeats in terrorism-related prosecutions.

the JIS plot was within 60 days of launching, according to sources close to the investigation.

The case illustrated how quickly authorities must be prepared to move in the event of an actual terrorist threat, they said. In a matter of weeks, the FBI, Los Angeles and Torrance police departments and two dozen other agencies conducted 19 searches, seized two dozen computer hard drives and examined about 53,000 documents, all without the normal luxury of moving at their own pace with undercover informants, surveillance and wiretaps.

The plotters “were flying dangerously below the radar,” said the FBI’s John Miller, who was the LAPD’s counter-terrorism head at the time the case broke. He added that the defendants had robbed gas stations for the money to buy rifles, had picked their targets and had set a date.

“The clock was ticking. All they needed to do was to start killing,” he said.

Sadly, this piece of evidence missed The LA Times completely:


Too, the men charged with terrorism did not fit the stereotype of the foreign-born menace that had been drilled into the American psyche after Sept. 11.

For professor Levin, that may be the long-term lesson of the case.

“I think this case shows you cannot racially or religiously profile an ideology. It is fanaticism, not faith, that drives this extremism,” Levin said. “And disenfranchised people will craft their hatred into an ideology of their choice. That is why religious converts are so good for this radicalization… because those who have been raised in a faith know better.”

Come again?
Did this guy even notice the document used as evidence?
Mr. Levin seems a bit blinded by multi-culturalism.
Hat Tip Jeanne

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