The Gall!… Hillary Lies On Reagan in Her "Very Presidential" Speech (Updated)

Reaganites Unite!
Did anyone video Hillary’s news conference last night in New Hampshire?

Hillary’s photo-op. (AP)

After the authorities subdued the hostage-taker last night in New Hampshire, Hillary flew in for what the media described as a “very presidential” appearance. Hillary talked about being a mother and how happy she was (and we all were) that the hostages were safe. The media loved it and her.

It’s just too bad she had to slip in that lie about Reagan.
Hillary said during the brief questions and answers session that (this is not a direct quote which I am having trouble finding):


“A similar attack took place at the Reagan Campaign Headquarters when he was running for president. We all know he later became president.”

Well, that was news to me.
So I started scanning the internet but have not yet found any report of such an attack.
I made a couple of calls and wrote a noted Reagan historian.

Here is the reply that I received in my email from Reagan historian Steve Hayward author of The Age of Reagan, 1964-1980: The Fall of the Old Liberal Order :

I thought I had heard everything, but this does not ring a bell–at least not involving a Reagan campaign office.

She may be confusing this with an event that sounds similar from Reagan’s presidency. While he was golfing at Augusta in October 1983 (with George Shultz, among others), a person with a gun took hostages in the golf course club house, demanding to speak with Reagan. Secret Service had a fit, and locked down Reagan, who was well away from the clubhouse out on the course. Reagan, being Reagan, wanted to talk to the guy, but law enforcement and Secret Service talked him out of it. It soon ended as these things usually do, with the guy giving himself up.

The media needs to clarify their remarks.
Hillary sounded more like a typical Clinton than she did a typical president.

(If anyone has the direct quote or video I would appreciate it.)
Thanks to Jason Mattera.

UPDATE: Apparently, their are a few nutroots who believe this was just a flip statement by the very calculating and cautious senator from New York.
Now that would certainly require a willing suspension of disbelief!

UPDATE 2: The Anchoress is brilliant today including this:

“How did the planet ever get so very lucky as to have both of these people alive at the same time, wedded and one flesh, to save the world from – well, everything – and to do it with such panache, style, presidential bearing and…glowing, glowing, helpful press.”

UPDATE 3: WMUR has the video posted.
Thanks to Marooned in Marin!

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