Senator Bond Gives Rudy Giuliani a Major Boost in Missouri Today

Republican Rudy Giuliani was big hit in Missouri today.

Mayor Giuliani crossed the state of Missouri with the former Governor, Senior Senator and staunch conservative Kit Bond today. The two finished their cross-state campaigning today in Chesterfield, Missouri outside of St. Louis (Senator Bond is following Rudy).

The two spoke at the Kemp Auto Museum in Chesterfield tonight after starting in Kansas City and stopping in Columbia on their way across the great state of Missouri.
(Please forgive the slight background noise)

Popular conservative Senator Kit Bond gave Rudy Giuliani a fantastic endorsement today in St. Louis, Missouri.


Rudy has major charisma.
He also comes off as likeable and yet he is very polished and confident.

Rudy took time for a few photos after his talk and press conference. He was confident about taking Missouri in the general election.

Rudy and Kit looked pretty good for having to drive the state after their plane was grounded in Kansas City.


And, the Ron Paulians were outside waiting on Rudy(?)

MORE… Compare Rudy’s record (or any of the other conservatives) to the horror of what Hillary is promising to do with your hard earned money.
Hat Tip Cornhusker

UPDATE: Rudy checked into a hospital after his talk yesterday in Chesterfield.
His campaign spokespersoon says that he will check out of the hospital and fly back to New York later today.

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