Rudy Giuliani Hospitalized in St. Louis! (Updated)

Rudy looked great at the Kemp Auto Museum in Chesterfield on Wednesday after traveling Missouri yesterday with Senator Kit Bond starting in Kansas City and stopping in Columbia before making their way to St. Louis.

But, after this event last night Rudy was admitted to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis.

Mayor Giuliani crossed the state of Missouri with the former Governor, Senior Senator and staunch conservative Kit Bond on Wednesday. The two finished their cross-state campaigning today in Chesterfield, Missouri outside of St. Louis (Senator Bond is following Rudy).

Rudy felt bad enough that his plane had to be turned around in St. Louis and he was admitted to the hospital.
Local Channel 5 KSDK has this on Rudy’s condition:


Republican Rudy Giuliani was admitted to Barnes Jewish Hospital Wednesday night for flu-like symptoms, his campaign said.

The former New York City mayor felt the symptoms while campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination in Chesterfield, and they soon became worse, campaign spokeswoman Katie Levinson said.

“The symptoms worsened as the day wore on and shortly after taking off from Chesterfield, Missouri, for New York the mayor became uncomfortable enough that our plane returned to the airport in Chesterfield,” Levinson said. “To be on the safe side, the mayor consulted with his personal physician in New York and made the decision to go to the Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis for routine tests.”

Giuliani had no scheduled appointments for Thursday, said his spokeswoman Maria Comella.

I spoke with Katie Levinson at the event last night and she did not say anything about the mayor’s illness. In fact, Rudy spoke in front of donors for about a half hour and then held a press conference with Senator Bond before leaving the building.

UPDATE: Katie Harbath from the Giuliani campaign just wrote to say that- “He went to the hospital last night with flu like symptoms. We’re told he’s in good spirits and heading back to New York today.”

(St. Louis Post Dispatch photo)
Dan Riehl is following the Giuliani news.

News Channel 4 KMOV has a video report from Barnes Hospital.

FOX News Channel 2 St. Louis has an update from this morning on Rudy’s health. They say Rudy was slurring his speech when they took him in:

Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani is feeling better this morning after being rushed to the Barnes-Jewish Hospital late Wednesday.

A statement from Giuliani campaign reads:

“After precautionary tests, the doctors found nothing of concern at this time, and Rudy will be going back to New York later today. He is in high spirits and is grateful to the doctors and nurses who checked him out.”

Giuliani was brought to the hospital with an escort from chesterfield police at about 10:30 Wednesday night.

His campaign spokesperson says they actually turned his plane around shortly after take-off from Spirit Airport when Giuliani started getting sick with what the campaign is calling flu-like symptoms.

Sources tell FOX 2 that he was complaining of headaches nausea and slurring his speech and that caused a call to his personal physician who suggested he be taken to Barnes.

UPDATE 2: Rudy checked out of Barnes-Jewish Hospital today and says he feels great. He will follow up with his doctor in New York when he gets back home.

UPDATE 3: Dr. T. Sommers writes in with a few questions and with permission I am posting them here:

I was at Barnes today (had no contact with Guiliani – I’m a physician but not on staff there) and hadn’t know about his admission there.

When I read the story about what happened – left via plane and then turned around and landed, the first thing that popped into my head was that he obviously had chest pain. No one turns around a plane for ‘flu-like symptoms’ -Whatever that means.

I’m sure he ‘ruled out’ for having had a heart attack over the night (serial measurements of proteins from the heart), then had a stress test this morning. Once that was OK – meaning he didn’t show signs of the heart functioning improperly when put under physical stress – he was released.

The flu-like symptoms – which obviuosly wasn’t influenza since that is a serious respiratory illness which doesn’t get better then next day, and the ‘stomach flu’ which is poorly named since it isn’t influenza causes diarrhea and vomiting. You might have an uncomfortable ride home in the bathroom, but you don’t turn a plane around for it.

Anyway, I’m surprised it hasn’t been discussed out here. I guess not many doctors comment on blogs.

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