Presidential Couple Caught in Major Scandal!

No, this time, it’s not the Clintons.
It’s their South American leftist clones- the Kirchners.

El presidente of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, newly elected Leftist President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, and her husband and former president of argentina, Nestor Kirchner, in Buenos Aires. (Photo: AP)

A US prosecutor said yesterday that the government is holding evidence (taped conversations) that hush money was offered to a Venezuelan businessman in Miami to keep quiet about an alleged attempt to smuggle $800,000 from Hugo’s Venezuela to Kirchner’s Argentina to help the campaign of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.
The AFP reported:

A US prosecutor claimed on Monday three covert Venezuelan agents offered two million dollars to hush up an alleged attempt to funnel 800,000 dollars from Venezuela to the electoral campaign of Cristina Kirchner, who is now Argentina’s president.

Kirchner earlier dismissed as “garbage” the claim that Venezuela’s leftist President Hugo Chavez sought to pump funds into her presidential campaign.

That allegation was made on Friday after the Venezuelans were arrested in Miami last week and charged with failing to notify US authorities they were agents of the Venezuelan government.

The arrests followed the seizure in August of a bag with 800,000 dollars in cash found in Buenos Aires aboard a chartered flight from Caracas.

Guido Antonini, a dual US-Venezuelan national, who was carrying the suitcase, later flew back to his home in Miami, where the defendants allegedly approached him.

The three Venezuelans offered two million dollars to Antonini to conceal the origin of the money and the fact it was directed “to the presidential campaign in Argentina,” said Assistant US Attorney Thomas Mulvihill.

Last week, the prosecutor said that Franklin Duran, one of the defendants, mentioned in a recorded conversation that the money was for the electoral campaign of Kirchner, who was sworn in as president on December 10.

That didn’t take long.
Cristina Kirchner was only sworn in as president 7 days ago.
It looks like Bill and Hill have met their match.


Babalu has more on the latest bad news for Hugo Chavez.

Maybe, Hillary could have Cristina come and campaign with her?

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