President Bush Meets With Syrian Opposition Leaders

President Bush met with international dissidents from 17 countries and five continents in Prague, Czech Republic earlier this year including Syrian opposition leaders.

Continuing that pledge to promote freedom and democracy, President George W. Bush met privately with Syrian opposition leaders at the White House recently.
Free Syria reported:

Homsy, Abdul Hamid, and Hesso meet with President Bush

In an extraordinary move to quell any notion of a deal with the deadly Damascus regime, US President Bush invited to the White House three Syrian opposition leaders representing the wide spectrum of Syrians fighting for democracy, freedom, and human rights in Syria.

The meeting with Mamoun al-Homsy, an ex-parliamentarian who has opposed the regime and was imprisoned for 5 years as a result, Ammar Abdul Hamid, representing the liberal voices inside Syria, and Genkhis Hesso, a Kurdish leader with support inside Syria was intended, as read by many Syrian oppositionists, as a signal to the Syrians that the US has no intentions to strike any deal with Damascus after an invitation to the conference in Annapolis gave that impression. Syria’s Ambassador to the US abused his role as a messenger of diplomacy when he began flaunting around Washington and on Arab media outlets the meeting in Annapolis as a sign that not only Damascus has won with its terror tools but that Syrian isolationist policies of Bush have failed. The White House had no choice but to put a stop to the Syrian Ambassador exaggerations by inviting well known Syrian dissidents to assure them that no deal was in the offing with Baschar al-Assad.

The meeting comes on the heels of also many nervous Lebanese March 14 who view the latest invitations by the international community for Assad to “play a positive role” in Lebanon after four different UN Resolutions, which demanded Assad to cease and desist in his terror campaign against the Lebanese and their sovereign nation as signals that the US warming to Assad is a prelude to giving-up on Lebanon. The meeting with the Syrian dissidents has tipped the balance to demonstrate that US policies do not favor a capitulation to Damascus and that human rights in Syria still matters to US policy makers.

On International Human Rights Day on Tuesday, the Assad regime arrested at least 20 opposition leaders.


Hat Tip America Liberty

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