Poor Iranian Regime Falls Victim To Pwning

Back in 2005(?) the Iranian regime held one of their blessed nuke protests.
This photo was originally taken at one of those nuke protests:

Iranian human rights activist Banafsheh Zand Bonazzi translated:

I got to see the picture with the original slogan on the placard… what was actually written in Farsi – prior to them photoshopping- was “Nuclear energy is our absolute right”. The demonstrators are of course, none other than the regime’s usual suspect “extras” who they pay to turn up for these types of photo ops for westerners who want to believe that the Mullahs ACTUALLY have support. They’re pathetic and charlatan like that.

The People’s Cube got a hold of this picture and photoshopped it back in 2005:

Sadly, Iran Press TV ran the fake photo this week.

It was a very bad move.


The People’s Cube found out and is making mush of the mullahs:

Check out The People’s Cube for more.

Finally- Here’s my entry into the collection…
A call for more electronic billboard pornNow!:

That ought to go over really well with the mullahs.

MORE… Kamangir (Persian) is reporting the story.

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