Pat Buchanan Plays Nazi Card

Pat Buchanan’s American Conservative plays the Nazi card this month with Rudy Giuliani colored in as a storm trooper on the cover:

Uncle Pat, like Uncle Ron, is concerned that Rudy may be too hawkish for America.
Charles Johnson has more on Pat Buchanan who just lost all of his credibility.

Buchanan could have put Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, John McCain or Fred Thompson in the Nazi garb and it still would be shameful and in very poor taste.
Brown shirts?

And, then he has loony Leftie blogger Glenn Greenwald do a piece for the so-called conservative rag?


I’m may be conservative- But, that is not me.
I’m not sure what that is?
Go away Pat Buchanan.

Sadly, this will probably earn Buchanan a permanent gig as the conservative spokesman for MSNBC or CNN.

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