Paris Bomb Blast! One Dead At Sarkozy's Former Law Firm Building

A massive military and police system has been deployed near a law office located in central Paris on December 6, 2007. A parcel bomb exploded in a law office near Champs Elysées in central Paris, killing one person and seriously injuring another. (WPN)

Bomb in Paris!
A bomb killed one person in Paris today at the former law firm of President Sarkozy.
The BBC reported:

A parcel bomb blast has killed one person and injured several others at law offices in Paris, police say.

A secretary in the Gouet-Jenselme law firm was killed after she opened the package, which contained two explosive devices. A lawyer nearby was injured.

The former law firm of President Nicolas Sarkozy is located in the same building in central Paris, but there was no suggestion of a link.

The building also houses The Foundation for the Memory of the Holocaust.

French police and firemen on the street outside the building where one person was killed and five people were injured after a parcel bomb exploded in Paris, France on December 6, 2007. (WPN)


UPDATE: No Pasaran! Has video and photos from Paris.

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