Palestinian Ambassador Compares Israel to Nazi Regime (Video)

Anne Bayefsky at EYE on the UN sends the latest anti-Semitic remarks from the United Nations Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, Switzerland:

Palestinian Ambassador to the UN offers anti-Semitic poem to the international body:

Mr. Jail Man, do you not understand
Scars of concentration camps mark your hand
Negotiations commence today I understand
Leave our mountains, valleys,sea, air and land
Draw your lesson from France and Deutschland
Our will is strong, cease drawing lines in the sand
Washington, Mandela and Arafat stand so grand
Though called terrorists by occupiers in command
Mr. Jail man, you do not want to understand
You gave occupation new attire with Semitic brand.

“Those who suffered in Europe, those who came from concentration camps, those who came from the ghettos, they should not act as our masters. They should know the meaning of suffering.”

Here is the video:

Palestinian UN Representative Mohammad Abu-Koash, December 12, 2007, Geneva, Switzerland delivers his Nazi-Israel comparison to UN human rights group.

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