Over 400 Scientists Dispute Man-Made Global Warming Claims

The global warming religionists are feeling the heat today-
Over 400 Prominent Scientists Disputed Man-Made Global Warming Claims in 2007
This report is posted at The Inhofe Press Blog:

Over 400 prominent scientists from more than two dozen countries recently voiced significant objections to major aspects of the so-called “consensus” on man-made global warming. These scientists, many of whom are current and former participants in the UN IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), criticized the climate claims made by the UN IPCC and former Vice President Al Gore.

But don’t worry…
The media still has your back Al Gore:

File picture shows French tourists snowmobiling into the wilderness in the Arctic fells of Saariselka, Finnish Lapland. If the most dire climate forecasts come true the tourism industry in Europe’s far north, already feeling the effects of global warming, may find itself promoting a Santa in shorts and a camel-drawn sleigh. (AFP/File/Paal Aaersaether)

Santa better wait on that camel.

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