Non-Mullah Approved: Underground Iranian Rap Concert a Huge Hit

Mahmood Ramtin & Atish Pareh grind out the beat in Tehran:

I am hoping to find more on this video which was posted on Iran Press News (Persian).
Here is another one from Iranian musician Hamid AskariVery Cool Sound— It sounds more like house or dance music than rap.
Nice beat- love that international sound.

Earlier this year the regime in control of Iran cracked down on the underground music scene including the popular Iranian rappers. Iranian rappers often sing about the Persian empire before it was “invaded by Arab bedouins to be converted to Islam”. This doesn’t go over too well with the mullahs. Top Iranian rapper, Reza Pishro, who is very popular among young Iranians was arrested in April.

Hichkas front man Reza Pishro (pictured here) was one of the Iranian rappers targeted by the regime.
(Thanks Banafsheh!)

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