Miss Utah Jill Stevens Awarded Combat Medic Badge

There will be one military hero at the 2008 Miss America Pageant in January.

Miss Utah Jill Stevens appears on the cover of Soldiers Magazine‘s December 2007 issue.

SGT Jill Stevens is a recent graduate of Southern Utah University with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, 12 marathons under her belt, six years as a combat medic in the Utah National Guard, and she’s just applied for a direct commission to become an Army nurse.

Miss Utah Jill Stevens was also awarded the Army Combat Medic Badge .
JacketIM explained the significance of her awards:


She may be a looker, but it is also apparent that she has been awarded the Combat Medic Badge. In the Army, the CMB, along with the CIB (Combat Infantry Badge), is considered to be the most prestigious award available, and is worn on the uniform above all other badges and awards, including the Medal of Honor.

I commanded an Army Medevac Unit and have the highest regard for Army (and for that matter, Navy, Marine, and Air Force) medics. As a group, their dedication to duty, bravery, and skill in saving the lives of their fellow soldiers is simply unmatched. The fact that she wears a CMB is proof that she has served as a medic in an infantry unit while under enemy fire. She is a hero.

(Updated- Commenters Rod and paratrooper JJ offer more information on military medals.)
The Military Times released a video this fall of “G.I. Jill’s” road to the Miss America pangeant. The Army also set up a website chronicling Jill’s preparation for the event.

And, HERE is another taped interview Jill Stevens did with FOX News talking about her work with children in Afghanistan.

Go Utah!

Photos from Pageant News and Deseret News .

S McHardy who served with Jill in Afghanistan wrote in earlier with this about Miss Utah:

I was privileged to meet and serve with Sgt Stevens in Bagram in 2004. She came early every week to LDS services and stood at the door greeting all the group members. She was a cheery and strong additional to our group, and yes, one Sunday she stood at the door with a something on her nose just to make people laugh. She excels at spreading cheeriness and smiles. She has likely already done more and sacrificed more than the other contestants combined. Bless you Jill, and may smiles continue to follow you wherever you go.

Blackfive and America’s North Shore Journal have more on SGT Jill Stevens.

SGT Jill Stevens– not your average girl with a gun.

Miss Utah- Sgt. Jill Stevens- Talks About Her Deployment to Afghanistan (Video)
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