Media Shocker… The Squished Head Report Is Bogus Too

The Dwelah massacre was a bogus story the first time it was reported.

Guess what?… It was a bogus story the second time it was reported, too.

The Times Online reports on the horrific squishing of heads in Diyala Province in its Sunday Iraqi smear piece:

In Diyala, Al-Qaeda troops are seizing villages in house-to-house battles that have plunged the province into an unacknowledged war.

Last week, about 200 Al-Qaeda fighters overran the neighbouring Shi’ite village of Sufayet and refugees streamed into Dojama with terrible tales. “An Al-Qaeda man shot my uncle in the street in front of our house,” said 10-year-old Abdullah Khaled, illustrating his point with his toy machinegun.

“Then a second one ran over him with a motorcycle. His head squished,” he said. Other boys in the village scampered up and down the dirt streets in mock gun battles. Everyone knew Al-Qaeda was close by.

“Al-Qaeda came at 5am,” said Shaema Muhammad, Abdullah’s mother. “They came to our house because my husband was always talking about how we have to defeat them. My husband escaped but they killed his brother and his cousin.”

Too bad this never happened.
This is what the Times Online claims in their report:


200 insurgents attacked Sufayet (Diyala Province) at 5:00 AM last week with numerous fatalities and several displaced families.

Fact: There was an attack in Sfayed (Sufayet) last week. The attack was at 3:30 PM.

Fact: The media reported that 51 died in these attacks. The MNF-I Press Desk reported that only two civilians were killed and three were injured.

Fact: The media did report that 200 insurgents attacked a village in Diyala Province, Dwelah, at 5:00 AM on December 2, 2007. The reports made international headlines.

(LA Times)

Fact: The MNF-I could not find any evidence of this attack- None.
The MNF-I reported this on the official investigation:

There were no No IP’s wounded. No body was killed, 5-6 homes were assessed as those reportedly burned. CF assessment: Wildly inflated, irresponsibly exaggerated claims-no 600 families displaced, no 200 terrorists, no evidence of civilian KIA.

Fact: There’s something terribly wrong with this Times Online report.
As for the squished head?
— No official reports.

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