Media Runs Week Old Story to Dampen Good News From Basra

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown congratulated British troops in Iraq yesterday saying:
“Happy Christmas – war is over.”

Brown announced that British forces will hand over the last remaining province under their control to Iraqi forces within the next two weeks.
Since September attacks in Basra have fallen by 90 per cent.

The media didn’t quite know how to handle the news on the successful handover to Iraqi forces:

Yahoo and Reuters could not make up their minds if this meant that the UK won or lost?


To make sure that this good news would not dominate the headlines, the mainstream media decided to re-run a brutal story from last Tuesday about 40 women killed and their bodies dumped in the streets of Basra.
After all, you just can’t let too much good news from Iraq dominate the headlines.

By the way… The MNF-Iraq press desk has no reports on the mutilated women in Basra.

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