Latino-Islamic Terror- Hezbollah Shows Off Their Latin Bombers

Winston‘s article on the Iranian incursion in Latin America is featured on the Reuters’ website today.
Winston writes:

Iranian embassies and diplomatic missions around the world are not just diplomatic centers. They’re evil places run, mostly, by the former IRGC officers currently disguised as diplomats that keep an eye on the Iranian immigrants, opposition groups and anti-regime institutions as well as trying to obtain weapons for the mullahs and recruit future terrorists. That’s how incidents like Berlin’s Mykonos murder, Bombing of the Jewish center in Argentina or crisis after crisis in Lebanon…etc can happen.

Here are two shots from a Hezbollah website in South America.

(Noticiero Digital)

The Hezbollah Islamists in South America are now pictured wearing suicide bomber vests:

Former Bolivian Congressman Jose Brechner sent the photos from a South American Hezbollah website earlier this year.
Brechner talks about the Islamist infiltration of Bolivia HERE.

This article was timely…
Yesterday… Argentina’s chief prosecutor, Alberto Nisman, testified that Iran was behind the bombings over a decade ago of the Israeli embassy and Jewish community center in Argentina.

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