Just in Time For Christmas– Largest Dem Blog Bashes Troops

Charles Johnson noticed the Left’s Christmas cheer today…
The largest Democrat blog today shows their support for the troops and Christians:
A Picture You Really Need To See

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Here is what the Democrat’s largest and most influential blog thinks of our troops and Christians:

US troops in basic training, as detailed in a new Military Religious Freedom Foundation report, are being indoctrinated in the ideology of religious war and the cultivation of the mentality of religious war, between Christianity and Islam, is exactly what many leaders on the American Christian right and Islamic religious extremists including those of Al Qaeda want more than anything – to provoke a full blown religious war between Islam and Christianity.

You got it… US soldiers are indoctrinated in the ideology of religious war during basic training because the Christians in the country want this.
Well Halleluiah! The Christians are coming! The Christians are coming!

That ought to bring the Christian voters into the fold… and just when Hillary was having her Jesus moment, too.
Thank goodness the media will ignore this toxic anti-Christian and anti-troop jab or people would actually see how anti-military and anti-Christian the Left really is.

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