Is Hillary the Right Person To Serve Tea to the Bin Laden Wives?

Patrick Healy reported today in The New York Times on Hillary Clinton’s “real” experience as First Lady.

Hillary Clinton never held a security clearance during her husband’s stay at the White House. Mrs. Clinton never made aggressive independent effort to shape policy or gather information about the threat of terrorism. She wasn’t talking with her husband when he bombed the aspirin factory in Africa. She also never pushed for democratic change in Uzbekistan but pushed the dictator to shake more hands.

Hillary was “shocked” to hear about her husband’s affairs even though they had made headlines for months.
Hillary was “shocked” to hear about her brother receiving $400,000 for brokering presidential clemency deals with the White House.
Hillary was “shocked” to hear of the suicide death of Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr.


And, despite Bill’s claims, Hillary had no role in Irish peace process.
In fact, as Dick Morris reported on Hillary’s role in the Irish Peace Process, the most Hillary managed was a afternoon tea with women leaders of the peace movement.

If serving tea to women’s peace activists and dignitaries wives was so pivotal in planetary peace then maybe Hillary is the one for the job as Commander in Chief.

She could get together with Osama Bin Laden’s four or five wives and serve tea and create peace. That may be one area where she has some experience.

Let Freedom Ring has more on Hillary’s so-called experience.

Would Hillary be “Shocked” to hear about Bill’s eavesdropping, too?

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