Iraqi Media: 240 Protests Against Iranian Regime This Month

Iranians have held over 240 protests against the regime this month!

Over 240 large protests have been held against the regime in Iran this last month alone. At several of the protests they called for the death of the dictator, etc….

Iraqi-American Haider Ajina sent this news from The Iraqi News Agency.
Thanks to BG here is the rough translation:

Iranians are showing their discontent to the government in Iran with more than 240 protests in one month.

According to the figures recorded that Iran witnessed during the past Iranian month more than 240 protests organized by various groups and segments of Iranian society against the policies of the Iranian government. The Mujahideen Khalq announced that the various Iranian cities witnessed during the month and despite the increasing pace of executions and police raids more than 240 cases of strikes, picketing and protest demonstrations gathering in adverse to the regime and government policies.

Students scored more than 60 demonstrations. The most prominent demonstration was held during which students chanted “Death to the dictator”, “Freedom our unwavering,” and “We are women and men of fighting.”

The workers have continued protesting against government policies which have registered about 40 cases of strikes and picketing.

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