Iranian Press TV Runs Fake Jew Photo

Being a regime that hates Israel has its drawbacks…
You are more likely to find a photo on wiping out Israel:

Or, stomping out the Jews:

Than pro-Jewish photos.

So, what does a Jew-hating regime do when they need a “pro-Jewish” photo for a propaganda piece?
They swipe it from a satire website!


The People’s Cube posted this “Iran Hearts Jews” spoof back in 2005:

After 40 Iranian Jews escaped to Israel earlier this week the regime in Iran needed a pro-Jewish photo for their propaganda piece:

So they swiped this Photoshopped protest picture from The People’s Cube.

The People’s Cube wrote in with this:

We are a popular satirical website in the US, standing for freedom and capitalism, making fun of the radical Left in America and worldwide. We also make fun of Islamists and the anti-Israel crowd, and have made quite a few jabs at Ahmadinejad.

Photoshopped images is our specialty, you will find many other similar pictures there, for example in this recent parody story Offended Muslim Syndrome & Self-Help Support Groups.

I wrote that Israel Dismantles article with my Jewish friend, to show the absurdity of demands to dismantle Israel.

The Cinnamon Bun Scandal

UPDATE: Iranian Human Rights Activist Banafsheh Zand Bonazzi writes in with this:

I finally got to see the picture with the original slogan on the placard…what was actually written in Farsi – prior to them photoshopping Iran heart Jews – was “Nuclear energy is our absolute right”. The demonstrators are of course, none other than the regime’s usual suspect “extras” who they pay to turn up for these types of photo ops for westerners who want to believe that the Mullahs ACTUALLY have support. They’re pathetic and charlatan like that.

More… Iran Press TV Pwned.

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