Iran Denies They Suspended Nuclear Activities Under Pressure

Iran denied on Thursday that they had suspended their nuclear activity in 2003. The regime wants the US to show proof that they were working on nuclear weapons before that time.
Fars News reported:

Larijani, who is now representative of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei at the SNSC, also rejected a part of the US National Intelligence Estimate which alleges that Iran had a nuclear weapons program and halted it under US and international pressures in 2003, saying that this part has resulted from a misunderstanding caused by Iran’s confidence building measures then.

They should know that Iran did not suspend its nuclear activities under pressures,” he said.

…He said that US officials have to substantiate their allegations about Iran’s non-peaceful nuclear activities prior to 2003 by presenting corroborative documents to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General, Mohammed ElBaradei.

Bazted News and IRNA reported that the regime wants to see the documents behind the NIE Report’s claims that Iran was ever seeking nukes:

“While having regional power, Iran is under present conditions a friend to its neighbors and the Persian Gulf littoral states.” He said the NIE report repeats anti-Iran charges, when it maintains that Iran had put aside its nuclear technology since 2003.

“That’s a false claim; Iran has never been seeking nuclear weapons. If Americans have any document, they should submit it to (the IAEA Chief Mohammed) ElBaradei,” he insisted.

He noted that the US suffers double-standards in word and in deed.

“While speaking of talks they raise words on putting pressure. What are all these adventurism and trouble-making for? On the one hand, they sign contract for construction of power plant with India, which has already nuclear weapons, and on the other hand, they pile up pressure on Iran, which possesses peaceful nuclear technology,” he criticized.

The Iranian Republic News Agency reported on the politics behind the NIE Report:


Larijani pointed out that the NIE report also has an internal aspect, adding, “The Republicans were accused of pursuing warmonger policies, and of having a tendency to solve the international disputes resorting to military force, and since the election time is approaching there now, the Democrats have begun chanting slogans in the opposite direction, pretending they are opposed to wars.” He said that the Zionist lobby, too, is very influential in the United States, reiterating, “This lobby was constantly pushing the Americans towards beginning a new war, and by issuing this report they also intended to pave the path to immune themselves from the evil intentions of them.”

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