Hopeful Signs for the Iraqi Christian Community

Amy Procter has encouraging news on the Christian community in Iraq.

Catholic seminarians pose for a photo at their seminary in Ankawa, Iraq.

Amy Procter posted this on the persecuted Iraqi Christian Church:

Gateway, I was able to make an appeal to my Parish Council here at my Parish on Fort Leavenworth and we’ve been approved for a Designated Offering for the Seminary in Ankawa, Iraq, which you linked to in your post. We have friends who are Chaldean priests and bishops in Iraq whom my husband befriended in his year long tour to Iraq. We’re raised a lot of money for the Church in Iraq so far, which helped them rebuild after bombings and so on. Hopefully this will be a great offering! There are 27 seminarians at the seminary in Ankawa studying for the priesthood and religious life. This is a great testament to how faith grows under persecution.

Iraq is very unique in that Muslims and Christians have traditionally gotten along in Iraq for centuries, generally speaking. We see the fruit of this unity, inasmuch as it can exist, when Muslim leaders set the example for their communities by joining in Mass with Catholics or showing up to show their support. This is a BIG step that anti-war Democrats were not planning on working in favor of success in Iraq.

Things are improving but we still need to keep the Christians in prayer. Cardinal Delly said that it isn’t just Christians who’ve been persecuted in Iraq, that the violence was also aimed at faithful Muslims and we’ve seen this in how al-Qaeda killed cilivlians and clerics over the past few years.

Hopefully this time is not coming to a close and one of the final nails is being hammered into the coffin of al-Qaeda as we speak.

You can contact Amy if you would like to give an offering to this Christian community in Iraq.


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