Heartache… Pelosi and Hillary Both Endorsed Waterboarding

Pelosi endorsed the torture in her silence- Hillary in her words.

Today The Washington Post reported that Democratic leaders, including Nancy Pelosi, were briefed on waterboarding as an interrogation technique as far back as 2002.

Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi denied she had knowledge of waterboarding during an interview on October 7, 2007, with Chris Wallace on FOX News:


Well, in order to know if I’m briefed about it, I’d have to be briefed about it now.(????). What exactly is the president talking about? Yes, let me get my credentials right out there. I’m the longest-serving member of Congress on the intelligence committee, both on the committee and ex officio as a leader. So we have been briefed on some tactics used by the administration… There is a legal definition of torture that I believe this would fit. The president says it is not.

Although Speaker Pelosi had problems with “torture” techniques in October 2007, she said nothing about waterboarding back in 2002.

And then there’s Hillary… Clinton endorsed torture in certain cases as well.

Sad- Democrats turned their head while Al-Qaeda suffered.
No wonder they hate us.

MacRanger says this about the latest revelation: “This shows that the hysterical paranoid pro-terrorism, anti-american left in this country is exactly what the label implies. The fun part now is standing back while their heads explode over this revelation.”
Hat Tip Larwyn

Jules Crittenden echoes a Democratic commenter: “No wonder impeachment is off the table.” No kidding.

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