He Did It Again!!… Harry Reid: "Al Qaeda Is Winning- America Is Losing" (Video)

Harry Reid Does It Again!

“Al Qaeda is winning in Iraq… America is losing.”

What planet is he on???
Doesn’t he follow the news at all?
He obviously is not reading the reports from Iraq.

CSPAN has the whole press conference.

The Politico has the transcript to Reid’s latest surrender:

Tired of Republican crowing about winning on Iraq funding, the budget battle and the energy bill, Reid (D-Nev.) shot back on Tuesday afternoon.

“We hear a lot of Republicans boasting … because of their unprecedented obstruction,” Reid said.

Indeed, Republicans have gotten their way in the battle over spending, have forced Democrats to jettison rollbacks of tax breaks for oil companies, and have beaten back attempts to pay for expanded children’s health care programs with a tobacco tax increase. Even though they’re in the minority, the GOP, backed by President Bush, has used the filibuster to block Democratic priorities over and over this fall.

“Who’s winning?” Reid asked a group of reporters. “Big Oil, Big Tobacco. … Al Qaeda has regrouped and is able to fight a civil war in Iraq. … The American people are losing.”

It’s disgraceful to say the troops are losing when times are tough.
It’s just dishonest to say that now.

Captain Ed says, “Harry Reid doesn’t know when to give up, or more precisely, when to give up on giving up.” – via Instapundit.

Strange? Harry Reid just blasted John McCain today for slamming him on the last time he called the troops losers.

UPDATE: Harry Reid and the democrats surrender againSenate OK’s funds for Iraq and Afghanistan.
Michelle Malkin has the roll call vote.

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