Harry Reid: "We've Accomplished Quite a Bit But Not Very Much"

“We’ve Accomplished Quite a Bit But Not Very Much.”
That was one sentence.
Harry Reid needs a break.
Thank God it’s Christmas.

Harry Reid even admitted that he would agree that Congress is not doing very well on Friday.
The poor senator sounds tired- confused.
Senator Harry Reid was on the The Newshour with Jim Lehrer on Friday and talked about his miserable year as Democrat Majority Leader.
W-Zip was not impressed with the Majority Leader’s performance.
Here are a few of his better lines:

SEN. HARRY REID on Democratic Congress: Well, we’ve been able to accomplish quite a bit, but not very much, certainly not as much as I wanted to. I’m kind of frustrated.

SEN. HARRY REID on the Approval Rating of this Congress: Well, Ray, if I were one of those people in one of those polls that said “What do you think of Congress?” I would vote with the people who said we’re not doing very well.

SEN. HARRY REID on Iraq: We’ve got to start bringing our troops home. …The surge certainly hasn’t hurt. It’s helped. I recognize that… Ethnic cleansing has taken place all over Iraq. There is not the conflict because there is separation. There’s segregation in effect.

Do you suppose Harry means separation like this…

Iraqi tribal leaders arrive for a reconciliation meeting between the Sunnis of Hawr Rajab, and neighboring Abu Disheer, a Shiite area, in southern Baghdad, Iraq, Saturday, Dec. 22, 2007. (AP Photo/ Loay Hameed)


On Tuesday Harry Reid said that Al-Qaeda was winning in Iraq.
On Friday Harry Reid admits the surge was working… but only because of ethnic cleansing.
At least he’s making progress.

W-Zip has more on Harry’s outrageous ethnic cleansing lines.

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